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Endurance riding  is one of the fastest growing sports in the country. Receiving increasing publicity, more and more riders are finding out what it involves by entering their first 32km ride.


Perhaps it is useful to say what Endurance Riding isn't. It isn't a long pony trek, ambling through lanes, it isn't for the faint hearted, and it isn't for the rider who doesn't actually enjoy being in the saddle for long.


So what is it? It is a unique competitive challenge and a supreme sport for learning about equine fitness. Veterinary checks before and after competitive rides - and in the middle too for longer distances - ensures the best possible care is taken of your horse. Any problems can be picked up earlier rather than later.


You, the rider, learn more about the way your horse functions, with the importance of regulating your riding to suit conditions which will affect the way your horse behaves and how he presents to the vet Key factors include:

*          The terrain: is it hilly or flat, sandy or hard ground?

*          The weather: is it cold, wet, foggy, or hot and sunny?

*          The route: does it look to be difficult to follow on the map, or a more simple circular course?

Mid South EGB


We are the local group or EGB in the southern area of the UK. We cover  the county of Hampshire and also parts of Berkshire, Oxfordshire & Surrey.

As a local group we run training rides and events and are always happy to offer advice for people who would like to try endurance or people who would like to progress to the next level.

We also have our own selection of competitions and trophies which runs through the year and all our awards are presented at the end of year annual meeting and awards dinner.