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What Championships are there in Endurance?

Silver Gambler Series

South Coast Tournament


There are several competitions and championships that Mid South members can compete in or be eligible for. Some are at a local level and are just within the group whilst others are on a national basis and you can find yourself competing against others from all over the country or in some cases the world!

Take a look at all the championships you could be eligible for (once you are suitably qualified), below we list them all, from our local Mid South events all the way to Interntional level.

This series is for the Pleasure Rides – Silver Gambler Qualifiers are usually Mid South Rides at both National and Group rides although occasionally a limited number of South East Rides are added for diversity. Points are awarded for distance and also for heart rate and speed. The heart rate and speed are judged using the Rufus Scoring system and results in points that are then added to the distance points. Awards for the Silver Gambler Series are presented at the end of season BAM and award dinner. To see the full breakdown of eligible rides and the Rufus points system please click here

This tournament takes place at the New Forest Rufus National ride. Open to any member of South-West, Wessex, Mid South & South East groups who have completed 3 GER’s at national rides run by any of these groups and finished with a grade 4 or above. Completions in CER’s and The Golden Horseshoe also count toward qualifications. Special awards for certain combinations. To see the details of all the in’s and outs please click here

The Silver Gambler

Inter Regional Championships

There are 23 local groups throughout England & Wales and they come together to compete against each other at these championships. Riders are needed at every level from Novice to Advanced so if you would like to get involved, we welcome potential team members. To find out more & see all the riders needed for the team, get the latest news, see past results or register your interest, please click here

inter regionals

Southern Championships

Three Rivers National ride hosts the Southern Championships in June. Open to all riders within the UK. Running 3 National Championship classes from 40km to 80km, there is also a Grass Roots Championship. To find out more about the Southern Championships please click here

NB. There is also a Northern Championships & a Welsh Championships if you fancy travelling further afield.

National Championships

Lavenham National ride in Suffolk hosts the Advanced, Open & Novice National Championships.  Open to all riders within the UK who have completed the required qualification rides in the current year. To find out more about the National Advanced, Open & Novice Championships please click here.

Kings Forest National ride in Suffolk hosts the Senior & Young Rider National Championships. Open to all riders within the UK who have completed the required qualifications. To find out more about the Senior & Young Rider National Championships please click here.

England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales battle to be the winning nation in this annual competition. EGB members in the Mid South area are eligible for the England Team and can put themselves forward to be considered for the squad. To see the riders needed for the team and to find out more about how you can apply, please click here.

Nikki_Malcolm_Southern_Champion_2019__left___1_ SCT Winner

Home International

Home international Trophy

GBR International

Ever dreamed of representing Great Britain against the rest of Europe or the rest of the World? World and European Championships for both Senior and Young Riders are hosted in alternate years. If you are interested in representing Great Britain or finding out more please click here,