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"FEBRUARY FROLIC" - New Forest 19th February 2017

"February Frolic" - Ocknell, Stoney Cross, New Forest - 19th February 2017


There was a great turnout for the first ride of the seaon with 40 entries.

Thank you to everyone who attended and helped with ther ride.


Rufus points were awarded to those who presented for a 'mock' vetting at the end of the ride.




20km Class - Open combinations:

1st:  Susan Thomson – Ennis (43 points)

2nd: Rebecca Gant – Binley Silver Spark (40 points)

3rd:  Alison Robinson – Eight Acres Kismet (37 points)


20km Class - Novice combinations:

1st:  Sarah Lovegrave -  Scooby (70 points)

2nd: Wendy Fromm - Cobra (61 points)

2nd: Kamash Al-Sayad - Coco (61 points)


20km Class - PC combinations:

1st: Gabriella Knight - Gemma G (68 points)


8km Class - Novice combinations:

1st: Helen Alder - Midnight Magic (32 points)

2nd: Karen Thomas - Tommy (29 points)

3rd: Jeanette Hopkins - Rannock (28 points)


8km Class - PC combinations:

1st: Monet Gray  - Bella (28 points)

2nd: Nancy Cunningham - Rosey (28 points)

3rd: Valentine Tierney - Daisey (28 points)