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What are Group Events?

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Group Events

Coaching sessions

Group events are the events hosted by a local group, in this case Mid South, in our local group area and they can include Pleasure or Training rides, clinics, coaching sessions & social events. They are open to both members & non-members and over the last few years have included the following:

Also known as training or social rides, pleasure rides are smaller competitions allowing you to introduce a youngster, improve fitness, or just ride somewhere different. If the event falls around a holiday period we usually add in a bit of a fancy dress challenge too! You can practice a vetting, ask as many questions as you like and make some new friends.


We host a Summer BBQ and our Branch Annual Meeting and Awards dinner every year. Both occasions usually have a speaker or training involved. Previous topics covered include the Mongol Derby, Equine Physio, The Cairngorm ride, Rider Fitness, Icelandic riding and we have covered map reading, trailer tips & maintenance, viewranger training and rider balance.


We have hosted flatwork and polework clinics with various instructors and are always happy to hear suggestions


Come & join us...

We are a very friendly group and we are always happy to help. We hope to meet you soon.

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