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Class Details:


The event will take place over two days.


A maximum of 12 horse/riders form a team. The same horse may not compete in more than one class.


The Classes for the Inter-Regional Championship for 2018 were:


2 x Advanced 80km CER,

2 x Open./Adv 64km GER,

2 x Open/Adv 80km (40+40) 2 Day GER,

1 x Open/Adv 40km GER,

1 x Novice Horse 40km GER,

1 x Novice Horse & Rider 32km GER (TBYB, PC are eligible),

1 x Novice Horse 32km GER.

An additional 2 Rider/Horse combinations, may be added to the above 10 combinations and used as a ‘Wild Card’ in any of the classes.


If you are thinking about competing at Cirencester and are interested in being part of the Mid South Team contact Elizabeth Rowland on email for more information on [email protected] 


Come and join us for a weekend at Circencester, even if the above classes don't fit into your season plans, come and join us for a fun packed weekend with support to help you to acheive you individual targets.

Results - Well Done to everyone that took part in 2018!!


1st South East (SE) - 219

2nd Offas Dyke & de Cymru (ODDC) - 200

3rd South West (SW) - 190

4th North West (NW) - 184

5th Wessex (Wex) - 174

6th Mid South (MidS) - 141

7th Iceni, Leicester & Rutland (ILR) - 139

8th Cromwell (Crom) - 130

9th Welsh Dragons (WD) - 124

10th Cotswolds (Cot) - 103

11th Heart of England (HoE) - 76

Team Manager: Elizabeth Rowland


We will again be looking for people to take part in the Inter-Regional Team.


Team members will be needed for a range of classes:

80km CER

80km 2 day GER

64km GER

40 km GER




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