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3rd March 2019

Ocknell Campsite, Fritham, Lyndhurst, SO43 7HH

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A pleasure ride for the last several years, based from an old WW2 air field. Undulating, a few short hills, ancient woodland trails through oak, beech and fir, open heathland with long canters. Sandy and gravel tracks. Panoramic views with a few horse friendly gates. Hard standing venue, sheltered by trees. 0% tarmac



1. 42km GER

2. 42km Novice GER

3. 34km GER

4. 4. 34km Novice GER

5. 25km Novice Foundation GER

6. 25km PR


Entries Limit: 70



No camping/corralling/stabling on site For local B+B with stables www.newforestbedbreakfast.co.uk



Refreshments, Toilets, Raynet, FirstAid and/or Medic Please note there is NO water at the venue


Flu Vac? No


Gates: Approx 10 on longest route, gate allowance given if necessary. Horse & rider friendly gates!


Special Instructions:

Crewing in large vehicles limited to certain car parks. Crew only in designated spots.


A charge of £1 is payable with entry to cover the Forest Permit. Online entries will have this fee added automatically.

The New Forest Runway Ride runs on the first weekend of the EGB National Ride calendar.


We have a range of classes from a 42km GER class to 25km PR.


For full entry information please see the main EGB Ride Page


To make to day run smoothly we need volunteers to assist both at the venue and out on course.


If you can help please email Charlotte Robinson on:

[email protected]

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