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Recent News

Our 2024 events list is here,

we look forward to seeing you out there.

  • 14th APR - Breamore Downs - National Ride inc. PR

    • NEW Ride map on Web site and Facebook​

  • 14/15/16 JUN - IOW - Ride the Wight - National Ride inc. PR

  • 4th AUG - TBC - Group Ride/PR

  • 31st AUG/1st SEP - Three Rivers - FEI, National Ride inc. PR

  • 3rd NOV (TBC) - Hampshire Gap - Halloween Group/PR 

What is Endurance Riding?

Looking for a new challenge for both you and your equine partner? Endurance riding may be just what you're searching for.

Endurance riding is an exciting equestrian sport that tests the speed and endurance of the horse and rider over a long-distance riding competition. Rides can range from 16km (10 miles) to 160km (100 miles) in a single day, traversing beautiful natural terrain. Together, horse and rider must carefully manage their speed and energy over the course. It requires bonding, training, and teamwork to get the best results.


Whilst sometimes physically demanding, especially at the longer distances, endurance riding also provides an unparalleled opportunity to explore the countryside. You'll experience breathtaking vistas and scenery not always accessible by other means. Each ride is also a new adventure, with changing trails and landscapes.

No prior long-distance riding experience is required to get started. With proper conditioning of your horse and yourself, developing riding skills, and choosing the right equipment, endurance riding is open to equestrians of all backgrounds. It's about working together and pushing yourself just a little further than you thought possible.

Endurance riding events happen year-round across the UK. Come join our thriving community of endurance enthusiasts. We provide training, events, and a supportive environment for both new and experienced riders. All that's needed is your sense of adventure. Experience the thrill and personal achievement of mastering an exciting new equestrian sport alongside your four-legged partner. Let endurance riding take you to new horizons.

Endurance GB is the National governing body for the sport of Endurance Riding. It encompasses 23 local Groups throughout England and Wales who organise social events and rides from 8km (5miles) which are non-competitive or social/training rides, right up to 160km competitive rides (100 miles) for the most advanced horse and rider - we pride ourselves on offering a full calendar of events for every level and ambition of rider.

Be Inspired

"To Finish is to Win"

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Who are Mid South EGB?


Mid South EGB is one of those local groups and we cover Hampshire, Berkshire and parts of Oxfordshire and Surrey as per the map below. If you are a member of EGB and live in these areas you will automatically become part of the group, however there is also an option for those living near the area to ‘opt’ to be a Mid South Member, usually for practical or social reasons. 

As a local group we run training rides and events as well as 3 national events and are always happy to offer advice for people who would like to try endurance or peoplewho would like to progress to the next level.

We also have our own Mid-South selection of competitions and trophies which runs through the year and all our awards are presented at the end of year annual meeting and awards dinner.

Get in touch today to learn more and get started with endurance riding. We can't wait to have you along for the ride!

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