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About Us

Here you can find out more about us.

More about Endurance Riding, more about the team at Mid South, more about anything you want to ask about...

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The Sport

Starting out

Knowing more

How to Join

Want to know more about the in's and out's?

Check out our 'What is Endurance Riding' guide

Not sure what membership level you need? Take a look at our handy guide to picking the best membership level for you

The Committee

Helping out

Meet the Team

Getting involved

Meet our committee members here learn a little bit about them all and don't be shy to say hello at an event if you see us.

We're always super pleased to see you.

Not ready to ride yet? We have lots of opportunities to help at events and no one is more appreciated than a volunteer.

With a wide range of options, sign up to help at an upcoming event and get to know everyone.

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Covering Endurance Riding in:



Surrey (partial)

Oxfordshire (partial)

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