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Group Rides

What is a group ride

Group events are the events hosted by a local group, in this case Mid South, in our local group area and they can include Pleasure or Training rides, clinics, coaching sessions & social events. They are open to both members & non-members and over the last few years, this year we hope they include the Dummer and Hampshire Gap Rides but need finalise with the venue. The Dummer ride took place this year at the Dummer Cricket Centre, near Basingstoke, and followed a 12 and 20 K loops. We think most people enjoyed the ride although some of the 12 K riders decided they enjoyed it a bit too much and then followed the 20 K loop, completing 28 K. Well done for your perseverance.

Pleasure Rides

Also known as training or social rides, pleasure rides are smaller competitions allowing you to introduce a youngster, improve fitness, or just ride somewhere different. If the event falls around a holiday period we usually add in a bit of a fancy dress challenge too! You can practice a vetting, ask as many questions as you like and make some new friends.


We have hosted flatwork and polework clinics with various instructors and are always happy to hear suggestions


We will be hosting a BBQ again at a ride, and our Branch Annual Meeting and Awards dinner every year and as the January date worked so well it will be a regular feature. Both occasions usually have a speaker or training involved. Previous topics covered include the Mongol Derby, Equine Physio, The Cairngorm ride, Rider Fitness, Icelandic riding and we have covered map reading, trailer tips & maintenance, viewranger training and rider balance.

Come Join us?

We are a very friendly group and we are always happy to help. We hope to meet you soon.

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